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About Us

G.Murley Hosting & Design is run by people who like giving. We like to help people in everyday life, and this translates into our business values.

We believe that you should have the website you want, the way you want it.

Why compromise for "nearly there" or "I'll live with it", when you can have exactly what you want??

We aim to give every customer a unique experience, and do things their way. If you want pink with yellow polkadots, thats what you get!

There isn't much more to say here, but if you would like more information about us, or how we can help you, please feel free to drop us a message on our Contact Page.



Ian (Rocking Horse Lead Guitarist)

We have been using G.Murley Hosting & Design now for the last three years and the service is outstanding. Nothing is too much trouble and it's rare to come across such nice people in business.
They helped us set up and host the website and supported us whenever we needed help or advice.
These guys really know their onions and I doubt there are many developers with the knowledge they have. We would be the first to recommend them for design, hosting, development and support.
Our number one "go-to" guys.

Suzanne (Photographer)

I was first with Vistaprint for my web hosting services because they were cheap, but they didn't have the facilities I needed as a photographer for my website.
I was introduced to G.Murley Hosting & Design, and we spoke through everything I wanted/needed and they were more than happy to help.
They completely rebuilt my website to how I needed it for an amazing price and the customer services is second to none. Always making sure everything is running great and seeing if I have ideas of how we can improve on and the overall cost is cheaper than what I was paying with Vistaprint.
Extremely impressed and highly recommended.

Pinked Floyd Band Leader

When we began Pinked Floyd we had our work cut out learning from scratch 2 and a half hours of Pink Floyd classics. The work involved meant we had no time for anything else. G.Murley Hosting & Design stepped in and designed, hosted and supported our web presence from day one.
They are absolutely awesome and I couldn't ever imagine using anyone else, as they would - without a doubt - be inferior.
The main man Glenn also has his finger on the pulse in the live music scene having booked, promoted and hosted gigs for the last few years at a major Lancashire live music venue, so it is an ideal marriage to get them on board with your band.
You would have to be an idiot not to.